Fundraising is Easy With
Uncle Steve's Christmas Tree and Wreath Fundraiser

Every Year People Buy Christmas Trees and Wreaths
Buy Wholesale + Sell Retail = Raise Money!

Each year after the Thanksgiving dishes are done, everyone starts thinking about Christmas:

  • "Where should we buy our tree this year?"
  • "How do we make sure we end up with a nice one?"
  • "How can we be sure it wasn't cut a month ago?"
  • "How do we know we can trust the person we buy it from?"

The fundraiser run by your organization will answer all of the above questions for a whole bunch of people...

Who Do You Sell To?
Built-in Customer Base

The great thing about running a Christmas Tree fundraiser for your organization is that your customer base is all around you! Not only members of your organization, but their friends and extended families as well.

Just for starters, that's a whole bunch of people you know you can make happy!

What's so special about Christmas Tree and Wreath Fundraisers?
Christmas Tree Fundraising Compared to Other Fundraisers

  • No door-to-door solicitation
  • No bothersome order sheets
  • Compressed time period - can be done in a weekend
  • Socially interactive - Have fun raising money!
  • Sell a quality product that everyone wants and needs
  • Develop loyal repeat customers

Why Uncle Steve's For Your Fundraiser?
You (and your customers) Benefit From Our Experience, Our Knowledge, and the Quality of Our Products

  • Uncle Steve offers reduced prices and shipping on select items for non-profit organizations
  • Over the years, we've learned what works and what doesn't
  • We'll help match your customer demographic with preferred products
  • The quality of our trees and wreaths will generate confidence and pride in you, as salespeople, which will translate into your customers returning year after year!
  • Click here to learn more about us.

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The number of trees and wreaths available each year is limited…
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