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Trees of ALL Sizes Including Trees 10 to 50 Feet Tall!!!

We Specialize in Wholesale Christmas Trees, Retail Christmas Trees, and Hand-Crafted Christmas Wreaths!

Uncle Steve and Kelly with their faithful "reindeer" Cain and Jada

White House Worthy Christmas Trees

Uncle Steve's select "White House Worthy" Christmas trees (a pet project of Uncle Steve's over the years) range up to 45 feet in height and live up to their billing. Their statuesque beauty makes them worthy of gracing The White House lawn… or any deserving place of honor.

These extra-large trees, a rarity on most Christmas tree farms, are groomed each year in a way that encouages fullness, while nurturing their natural classic Christmas tree form. This long-term care results in magnificent specimens which become showpieces at outdoor venues and large indoor spaces. Contact Uncle Steve for more info.

Wholesale Christmas Trees

Uncle Steve's Tree farm is loaded with premium Christmas trees and contains the finest Balsam Fir and Balsam-Fraser Fir hybrids in the North Country. In order to guarantee you the best looking, highest quality trees, and to ensure you will be truly satisfied with our product, Uncle Steve personally selects and tags each tree to be harvested.

By purchasing directly from our tree farm (instead of a middle-man Christmas tree broker), you are guaranteed the freshest-possible product at a great price. Also, unlike other growers, we will not begin to cut your trees until November 15th or later. Learn more about buying wholesale Christmas trees…

Hand-Crafted Christmas Wreaths

If you are interested in top quality Hand-Crafted Christmas Wreaths made from freshly harvested Balsam and Balsam-Fraser hybrid fir trees at a great price, you have come to the right place! With over 250 acres of trees to choose from, Kelly, our Master Wreath Maker, takes pride in selecting only the finest brush necessary for creating beautiful Christmas wreaths which comply with our stringent standards of quality.

Our wreaths are available at our retail lot from the day after Thanksgiving through December 23. For special order wreath requests, contact Kelly any time throughout the year. Learn more about our Hand-Crafted Christmas Wreaths…

Visit Our Retail Lot

Uncle Steve's retail lot is located at 1371 Hooksett Road in Hooksett, New Hampshire (right next to R & R Public Wholesalers). We are open every day from the day after Thanksgiving through December 23.

Uncle Steve and Kelly will be at the retail lot every day to personally assist you with all of your Christmas Tree and Christmas Wreath-related needs… and don't forget our free candy canes! Learn more about our southern New Hampshire retail Christmas tree lot….

Our featured extra large Christmas tree this year is a 25' Balsam Fir beauty worthy of the White House, your State House, or any place of honor.

This Regal 25 Foot Tall Balsam Fir is Ready for Prime Time!

  • Born and bred in "The North Country"
  • All-natural hand-trimmed tree
  • Approximately thirty years young
  • No chemical fertilizers
  • Worthy of ANY place of honor this Christmas season
  • Deserving of standing tall as The White House Christmas Tree

This beautiful balsam fir Christmas tree is an example of just one of our select trees that grow in a way that allows them to be groomed into the rare "White House Worthy" category treasured for outdoor display at select venues.

Year after year, each White House Worthy candidate is assessed and hand-pruned according to its individual needs to encourage fullness and to nurture its natural Christmas tree form.

In addition to this beauty, we have many more impressive White House Worthy Christmas Trees ranging from 10 to 45 feet tall!

Any of these statuesque specimens are perfect to make your organization's Christmas place of honor proud. Uncle Steve is looking forward to fulfilling your dream of displaying "the most perfect Christmas tree ever" a reality!

Contact Uncle Steve today for a quote. You'll be one step closer to seeing the tree you were responsible for acquiring all lit up and featured on the evening news! Click here to learn more about us.

The number of trees and wreaths available each year is limited...
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